Jom ke Jalinan! THE REUNION!!

Close to nature experience? checked!
Fun-filled, exciting activities? checked!
Uplifting, eye-opening sharing? checked!
Rekindled memories from the good old days? checked!
Warm, affectionate friends? checked!
Simply snug chalet? checked!
Catchy theme song? checked!

Enjoy these luxuries at Jalinan Ukhuwwah 2011: The Reunion for only RM80!!!
14-16 January 2011
Dusun Eco Resort, Bentong, Pahang
Because it is a REUNION !
So wait no more!
Spread the words and share the excitement in this sweet summer breeze.
Secure a place for yourself–>register through phone or email. Hazwan-0145296210, hazwanfattani2002@yahoo.com/ Saqinah-0193782179, nurulsaqinah@gmail.com
Pack your things (Don’t forget those lovely smiles and spirits!)
Let’s reunite!
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